Jim Dantona & Governmental Impact have championed passage of important legislation concerning crime & law enforcement, child safety, business development, individual privacy rights and the environment. Includes but not limited to:

SB 40 Business and Development Corporation Bill Small Business Development Act
SB 229 Housing Assistance SB 1428 Privacy “ Junk Mail” Bill
SB 70 Parental Liability Code SB 16 Alternative Energy Bill
SB 625 Unfair Trade Practices SB 1851 Firefighting Airplane
AB 631 Abused & Neglected Children Act SB 72 School Violence Bill.
AB 655 - Identity Theft SB 898 - Check Cashiers
SB 1581 - Deferred Deposit Loans SB 962 - Geo Thermal Energy
American Forum (Washington D.C.) Strobe Dectectors (NV)
Super-Scooper (Air Canada) Lojack Inc. (MA)
California Assoc of Licensed Investigators Workers Compensation