Corporate Clients

Governmental Impact has acted as a government affairs consultant to major national, state and local corporate clients, as well as labor and real estate clients. Includes but not limited to:

Cognos Corporation (MA) Colton Lee Communities
Waste Management of North America (IL) Fibertech
Thales Navigation Casden Development
Unocal Oil Mel Simon and Associates (MN)
Bullard Corporation (KY) Kaufman & Broad
Greenpark Developers Archstone Development (TX)
Lojack Inc. (MA) S&S Development
Griffin Developers Ira Yellen Development
Dale Poe Developers Merchant Bank of California
California Assoc of Licensed Investigators Traffic Safety Products LLC. (NV)
Budget Rent a Car Total Information Services (OK)
Chevron Corp. Chase Development Corporation
Big Sky Ranch Development   United Taxi Inc.
      United Food and Commercial Workers